Library Management Services, Inc. has proudly served Houston's legal, tax and corporate library needs since 1978. We are Houston's premiere library service. We can help you gain physical as well as fiscal control of library resources.

Library Management Services, Inc. has been serving the needs of law, tax, technical and corporate libraries since 1978. Library Management Services, Inc. is a Texas Corporation. Our professional staff consists of competent and experienced specialists in the library field. We guarantee that our work will be completed correctly at every visit.



Of course you could hire your own in-house library staff, but do you really need them full time? Or, even if you have a staff now, but need additional assistance, will more full time staff members meet your growing needs? You may think you do to gain full control of your library resources, but, the real answer is OUTSOURCING.
OUTSOURCING lowers real bottom line costs by reducing those “hidden” payroll expenditures such as workers compensation insurance, group benefits, tax liabilities and training expenses. OUTSOURCING with Library Management Services provides you with full access to:
Library Administrators
Automated Systems Librarians
Technical Librarians
Reference Librarians
Library Clerks



Management is but one of the first steps towards gaining control of your library. Our Library Administrators are experts in fiscal control of library resources. Accounting information is compiled in conjunction with inventory databases to track expenditures, eliminate duplication, assist in acquisition and budget decisions.

Automated Systems Librarians know how to access information in various formats: Online, CD-ROM, and the Internet. They are familiar with different search strategies, information retrieval, training and support issues important to your firm. Widespread use of electronic media is forcing all of us to make serious investments in the technology of tomorrow. Services provided by our staff assist you in meeting the future needs of a global law firm in a cost effective way.

Your library must also control its reference, technical and clerical requirements. Reference librarians disseminate information in various formats including print materials and electronic media. Technical and clerical librarians insure that the library is organized, current, updated and easily accessible.

Services of this nature are easily OUTSOURCED. Governments, Firms and Corporations have concluded that this is the way to efficiently meet their budgetary needs. As our world becomes a “global community”, and your needs change, we are here to lead the way into the library of the future. Call our office today to discuss how we, together, can move into the next century.
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